FIMA’s state-of-the-art system to ensure product quality

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The intelligent engineering solutions company, FIMA, has just finished installing video surveillance and access control systems at two factories owned by the Vičiūnai group. These systems will ensure higher efficiency when it comes to meeting hygiene standards and safety requirements at the renovated Vičiūnai ir partneriai and the newly-built Baltic foods partners.

“As we process foods and want to offer top-quality products to consumers, our greatest focus is on hygiene, food safety standards and strict internal rules at all stages of processing foodstuffs. The new video surveillance and access control systems offer more efficiency and convenience in terms of monitoring and controlling what is an intensive workflow as well as ensuring the quality of our products,” director of UAB Vičiūnai ir partneriai Mindaugas Pocius said.

Vičiūnai ir partneriai processes salmon while the newly-built Baltic foods partners deals with other fish. The two facilities currently employ about 700 people. The companies of Vičiūnai group have also seen rapid growth in terms of production output. According to Mr Pocius, the access control system ensures more efficient control of staff entering and exiting the sites while the IP (Internet Protocol)-based video surveillance system, which incorporates 50 video cameras, enables simultaneous monitoring of production processes and promptly detects errors caused by human or external factors and allows them to be corrected quickly.

“Different departments have access to the system. Specialists from the quality department monitor camera recordings and check compliance with food safety and hygiene standards. Production specialists analyse staff performance by measuring the time spent at various production stages, look at optimisation opportunities, etc. Those in charge of safety at work monitor whether safety requirements and internal rules are being met. In addition, the system enables us to easily generate detailed workflow and safety reports,” the director of Vičiūnai ir partneriai said. According to him, the system is also useful when it comes to staff training. Video material is reviewed and analysed with the employees to find solutions that help to reduce errors in the future.

“With the company’s profile and the needs of its production facilities in mind, we have offered an optimal integrated solution. We have provided the factories with state-of-the-art hardware and customised software to control security systems which has been developed in Lithuania and tailored to the needs of Vičiūnai,” FIMA’s director for the Klaipėda region Algirdas Grincevičius said.