FIMA to expand a data centre for the Latvian National Radio and Television Centre

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After successfully completing installation of a data centre for the Latvian National Radio and Television Centre (LNRTC) in 2012, the intelligent engineering solutions company, FIMA, has signed a contract to complete the second phase of fitting out the data centre.

To meet the growing needs of the market and of LNRTC, the second phase of construction will see the expansion of the infrastructure of the data centre with existing IT capacity of 300kW. The capacity of the data centre will be increased, the number of server cabinets will be almost doubled and the data centre’s entire infrastructure will be expanded. Construction and outfitting work is scheduled to be completed by the summer of this year.

During the first phase, FIMA’s specialists provided the data centre with the necessary infrastructure for reliable IT operation: from fitting out a “room in room”, server cooling and power supply systems to security and infrastructure monitoring solutions.

The LNRTC data centre guarantees uninterrupted operation of information systems for 99.99% of their scheduled uptime. This is ensured by redundant power supply and server cooling systems. The server cooling system uses much less power than conventional solutions because for a large part of the year, it is able to use cool air from the outside, thus lowering the temperature of the server coolant.

The special data centre infrastructure management system (DCIM) monitors, in real time, the status of the data centre infrastructure and automatically operates the support systems, helps to plan and carry out adjustments and monitors and helps to optimise the levels of energy usage.