FIMA installs systems at a new water park in Belarus

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In May, one of Europe’s biggest water parks, Lebyazhij («Лебяжий»), was opened in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. A joint team of 70 professionals from the Lithuanian intelligent solutions company, FIMA, and its daughter company in Belarus, installed more than 20 engineering systems in four months.

The park, which covers an area of 32,135 m2, is designed to accommodate 7,800 people a day during the summer and 6,700 during the winter. As  many as 2.5 million people are expected to visit the park a year. The park’s indoor and outdoor zones feature 11 water slides of varying complexities, four different swimming pools, various water play areas, an impressive water town with a cinema for children and several types of saunas. It also houses a few snack bars and restaurants, a SPA centre and a spacious 630 m2 gym. A hotel has been built next to the complex.

The FIMA team installed the park’s engineering systems, including a few unique solutions, in record-breaking four months. Although FIMA has already completed other big projects in Belarus, this project, which was ambitious both in terms of deadlines and scope, is its largest one in the Belarusian market.

“Completing works of this scope in just a few months and ensuring quality is a huge challenge even for an experienced contractor. We mobilised a lot of staff to meet the ambitious needs of the customer. As many as 50 top-level FIMA specialists from Lithuania worked on the project together with their colleagues from Belarus. Activities went beyond regular working hours as they required a high level of precision. Despite the extremely challenging conditions, our experienced professionals were able to make prompt decisions and produced work of exceptional quality. This was thanks to the experience of managing big projects and the efficient teamwork of the employees from the two countries,” FIMA’s development manager in Belarus, Dmitrij Šadčenev, said.

The complex has been equipped with a video surveillance system of enormous scale which includes nearly 500 exterior and interior high-resolution IP video cameras. It will ensure processing and storage of a massive flow of information and will be able to archive video recordings and store them for a specific period of time. “Above all, this technology will ensure a high level of security for visitors to the park. The system is integrated with visitors’ bracelets, enabling security workers to track the visiting history of a specific person, i.e. where the person was and what he or she was doing at a specific time, as required. This means that the system will be able to prevent undesirable incidents,” Mr Šadčenev said.

A unique drowning prevention system has been installed at the park. All the swimming pools are equipped with about 50 special ultrasonic sensors integrated with the ones fitted in visitors’ bracelets. If a person stays at a defined depth for too long, the bracelet sensor automatically transmits an audio signal to the lifeguards while the ultrasonic sensors locate the person in trouble and immediately report the location. Immediate assistance is therefore guaranteed.

All the engineering systems at the park are integrated into a single building control system, which enables the customer to manage both financial information including accounting, suppliers, personnel, sales, etc. and the functioning of internal systems. The control system will provide staff with a convenient way to easily set automatic system operation modes and save energy resources. FIMA will provide warranty services for the engineering systems for two years.