FIMA installs distance learning system for frontier service

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The State Border Guard Service under the Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior (SBGS) has bought its first advanced distance learning system which FIMA has installed at its Border Guard School in Medininkai, the Vilnius, Varėna, Lazdijai, Pagėgiai frontier districts and the Coast Guard District. The assignment was carried out during April and May. SBGS staff received training on how to use the system as part of the project.

“It is vital for us to develop the qualifications and professional knowledge and skills of frontier staff necessary for controlling the EU’s external border and achieving the objectives of frontier protection. A modern video-conferencing system will improve the efficiency of distance learning with considerable savings on HR, time and travel costs,” a senior specialist at the Training Organisation Division of SBGS’s Border Guard School, Ignas Valkauskas, said.

The video-conferencing system that was offered by FIMA and will be used for distance learning was twice as good as the basic requirements laid out in the tendering process, i.e. to be able to connect up to four participants in one video-conference. For the same price, FIMA’s solution could connect up to nine participants in one distance training video-conference. What is more, the system is easily integrated with products from other manufacturers. In the future, it can be upgraded with added functionality at low cost.

“Once the distance learning system is installed, the Border Guard School will be able not only to deliver training in a more efficient and convenient way, but also to exchange updates with the border districts located in different towns and with individual users and to share experiences with colleagues more rapidly. The video-conference system designed for distance learning has a recording function that enables training sessions to be replayed and shown to people who could not attend a conference or to new colleagues,” FIMA’s product manager Sergej Smirnov said.

Video-conferencing will be available to the staff in SBGS’s districts where the conferencing equipment has been installed as well as to the individual users who have been authorised by SBGS to connect to a conference from their computers, tablets or smartphones. SBGS’s new video-conferencing system is protected against eavesdropping and cracking.
According to the contract signed with SBGS, FIMA will provide a three-year warranty service for the equipment.

Project No ISF12/ “Training for the staff of the State Border Guard Service” is financed from the allocation for 2012 under the Special Transit Scheme of the External Borders Fund.