High quality fire detection and extinguishing systems installed in the Lithuanian Power Plant

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Fima engineers took part in the installation of fire detection and extinguishing systems during the construction of a combined cycle block in the Lithuanian Power Plant, which started operation last year. Responsible for overall fire safety, Fima designed and installed all the necessary systems in the block including fire alarms, gas leak detection equipment and fire extinguishing systems.

Dainius Puidokas, AB Lietuvos Energia’s lead engineer at the combined cycle block, said that the development of technologies to manage critical areas in industrial facilities are among the industry’s biggest priorities. He added: “The main purpose of fire prevention and extinguishing systems is to alert staff about a fire immediately and isolate or neutralise the flames in order to allow the safe evacuation of a building and the protection of human life.”

Several types of extinguishing systems were installed in the block to cover different potential sources of fire. In areas where there is the possibility of a gas build-up, automatic gas detection and CO2 gas fire extinguishing systems were installed along with a foam-based fire suppression system in areas with oil filtering systems. Fires in transformers, a diesel generator, a turbine bearing system and cable premises would be extinguished by water whereas fires in cabling would be dealt with by FM200 gas. Rapid action should a fire break out was ensured by detectors which are able to detect the source of a fire very early on.

“The block was built by the Spanish energy company, Iberdrola Ingenieria y Construccion, S.A.U.  The company insisted upon very high standards from its subcontractors in terms of technologies used and specialists employed making working with this international energy firm an excellent, interesting and valuable experience. Quality of materials and safety were the highest priorities and so the reliability of all systems was checked carefully,” said Fima project manager Vytautas Lukšys, who supervised the installation.

System design, installation, testing and adjustments in the block took more than a month.

Fima has a long experience with safety solutions having installed systems in the Ignalina nuclear power plant, oil depots, airports, data centres and other important facilities.