Fima to assist in building a water park in Minsk

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A new water park called Dreamland is taking shape in central Minsk not far from the river Svislach. A subsidiary of Fima, the Lithuanian intelligent engineering solutions provider, will install electronic solutions to guarantee the security and management of visitors to the park. It will be the first time that such a complex electronic visitor management system will have been installed in Belarus.

The outdoor water park is situated in an area of about nine hectares. Designed to operate during the summer, the centre’s owners expect up to 2,500 people to visit each day to enjoy the water play areas, snack bars and an artificial beach.

“Our ‘electronic wallet’ concept is designed for the convenience of customers. Visitors won’t need to bring cash or bank cards when they enter the park. They’ll only need to wear a special bracelet to register the services they use. They will only pay for the time they spend at the park and the services they use when their bracelets are scanned at a special terminal upon leaving the park,” Fima’s development director in Belarus, Dmitrij Shadchenev, said.

Fima BR will install a network of fixed and remotely-controlled video surveillance cameras to ensure visitor security across the entire site. Cameras equipped with intelligent video analysis will automatically identify areas of the water park where visitors spend most of their time. This information will allow the park’s operators to analyse visitor behaviour, forecast their needs and tailor services to meet them.

Lithuania’s leader in electronic engineering solutions, Fima, entered the Belarusian market in 2010, when it founded its subsidiary, Fima BR. The company has found great success in Belarus with projects that require experience in integrated engineering products.

Over its three years of operation, Fima BR has implemented projects of different sizes and complexities. It has installed an access control and video surveillance systems at the MAZ car plant; reconstructed the data centre for the mobile operator, MTS; installed a video surveillance system in petrol stations and a petroleum storage area owned by the oil company, TNK BP; introduced video surveillance and access control systems in one of the country’s logistics centres; designed engineering solutions for a number of major public facilities; and has been involved in transport infrastructure modernisation projects. Many of the crossroads in Minsk are now equipped with an alert system for blind pedestrians that was created by Fima’s engineers.