Fima solutions brings added efficiency to first independent biofuel boiler-house in Kaunas

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The first independent biofuel boiler-house in Kaunas, which started operation last year, was designed, built and equipped by Lithuanian companies, including Fima, the intelligent engineering solutions provider.

Along with the project’s other subcontractors, Empower and Elektros zona, Fima engineers installed the majority of the medium- and low-voltage power supply infrastructure including a 10kV transformer substation and the low-voltage (0.4kV) power supply infrastructure. They also installed a complete set of low-current solutions including site security, fire alarm, access control, video surveillance and building security systems.

The client, the GECO Kaunas energy company, wanted the operation of the boiler-house to be automated as much as possible, with the automatic weighing of commercial vehicles entering the site being one of the requirements.

Mantas Okuličius, who led Fima’s role in the project, said: “Many companies do this by hand, but the vehicle control and weighing system that we have introduced to the boiler-house allows running the process in automatic mode. That means that role played by boiler-house staff in this is restricted to simply confirming the data. Everything else is done by an integrated system. Video cameras scan the license plate of the vehicle and the system compares it with information on the database and opens the gate. Once the vehicle has been weighed and unloaded, the system weighs it once again and generates a report.”

On-site security at the boiler-house is also automated with infra-red barriers running along the entire  perimeter fence in addition to a sensitive microphone cable which can detect an impact or any attempt to climb the fence. The system automatically alerts the security post of fence violations, indicating the exact spot where an attempted breach has taken place.

Work of this scale normally takes six months, but Fima had to complete it in half term this time.