FIMA modernizes perimeter security systems at Vilnius International Airport

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Joint venture partners, the construction company Kauno tiltai and the intelligent engineering solutions company FIMA, are now in the process of renovating the perimeter fence at Vilnius International Airport. The existing concrete fence, which does not meet the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), will be replaced with a new mesh fence by September 2014. 1,3 million euro has been allocated to the project from EU Structural Funds.

Sited on an area of more than 300 ha, the airport is surrounded by an almost 11 km-long fence built between 1983 and 1986. According to the airport representatives, its maintenance has become inefficient. “The fence is fractured in places and tilted, so it requires investments in continued repairs every year. In addition, part of the old fence is within the boundaries of the runway. So to ensure flight security it needs to be moved further away,” the communications officer at Vilnius International Airport, Greta Babarskaitė, said.

By autumn next year, the reinforced concrete structures will be replaced with a modern and durable mesh fence. The perimeter security systems and the communications network will be rebuilt as well. We will install new video cameras and will update the perimeter alarm systems. The new integrated security system will be more sensitive and will include advanced intelligent analysis functions. For example, if a person or an object comes too close to the fence or touches the sensor cable, as well as automatically alerting the airport‘s security service the system will show the exact location where a potentially dangerous situation has occurred. This will ensure a much more prompt response to potential perimeter violations and improve the security of this strategic site. The upgraded system will reduce the number of false alarms as well as reducing running costs,” FIMA’s project manager, Sigitas Truncė, said.

In addition, a new entrance gate will be installed and a barrier preventing animals from entering the airport area will be built. To reduce noise from the airport, acoustic insulation will be improved next to residential areas. The fence will be renewed in sections. During the building and engineering operations, the airport area will be surrounded by a temporary fence equipped with electronic sensors which will meet safety requirements.