Fima-sponsored Robots Intellect 2012 to challenge European robot developers

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Robots Intellect 2012 is the largest intelligent control system competition in the Baltic States organised by the Student Science Association of Kaunas University of Technology. Fima, who has assumed the role of the patron of the event this year, contributes to the young intelligence initiative for the second consecutive year.

By sponsoring the Robots Intellect 2012, Fima aims both to contribute to the development of similar initiatives and encourage young developers to continue actively exploring and applying intelligent technologies.

The Robots Intellect competition rallies together electronics, mechatronics, robotics, and AI technology enthusiasts from all over Europe. This year, participants of the event will be competing in a specially designed ‘obstacle course’ over a prize worth EUR 9,000. In a 600-metre course, autonomously operating robots developed by the participants will have to find and bring the team a 1 kilogram ‘bag of gold’, symbolising the main prize. The competition, to be held 3 May, will also feature a special prize by Fima: a Fima bag worth EUR 500 will be hidden in the main course.

This year, the Robots Intellect 2012 features participation of as many as 16 autonomous mobile robots from Lithuania, Poland, and Slovakia. Apart from the main task, competition participants will also have an opportunity to test their robots in other competitions, including following the line, labyrinth and carrying a ball.

For more information about the event, please visit http://www.robotsintellect.lt