FIMA to install data centre in Institute of Cardiology in Warsaw

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FIMA, the intelligent solutions company which has a subsidiary in Poland, is to install a data centre in the Institute of Cardiology in Warsaw. The data centre, installation of which is scheduled to be completed in the autumn, will improve operational reliability at the institute as well as ensuring the smooth running of its information technology systems.

“We have built up a wealth of experience designing and building data centres," said Vytautas Zinkevičius, FIMA Development Director. He added: "We work with globally-recognised and reliable partners meaning that we can offer all of the necessary engineering infrastructure solutions. It is testament to FIMA’s success that we are embarking on such an important project so soon after starting operations in Poland.”

The Warsaw Institute of Cardiology provides round-the-clock medical assistance to residents of the city and surrounding areas. The hospital conducts a number of crucial treatment procedures ranging from interventional treatment of cardiac arrhythmia to heart transplant surgery. The critical nature of the hospital’s work makes it essential to have a reliable data centre.

Mr Zinkevičius believes that there is huge potential within Poland for the development of data centres, a market that is growing by about 10 per cent a year. He said: "Recently, customers have become more demanding and expect more than just a place for their servers. They want top-notch engineering solutions to ensure uninterruptible operation of systems, simplicity of use, system control and development, and high energy efficiency.”

FIMA‘s main technological partner in the project is APC by Schneider Electric, a company that has huge experience of establishing data centres. The project will benefit from using the most advanced technological innovations in this area including a state-of-the-art infrastructure control system which will carry out real-time monitoring of the installation and provide automatic control of support systems. The installation will also help with the planning and management of changes as well as monitoring and optimising energy use. To increase efficiency and security, high-density servers will be installed and serviced by a reliable cooling system. FIMA has chosen a modular structure for the centre to ensure its flexible expansion and development in the future.