Fima signs another contract with Minsk-based MAZ plant

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A Belarus-based subsidiary of the electronic engineering solution provider, Fima, is installing a video surveillance system at the MAZ automobile plant in Minsk.

The deal is the second contract for electronic security systems that Fima has signed with the MAZ plant. Fima’s engineers designed a large-scale access control system and installed it in the plant in a short timescale.

“This second order by the MAZ plant is particularly important because it confirms that Fima is a trusted supplier in the Belarusian market and has proven its competence as an electronic engineering solution provider. Such successful implementation of large-scale projects should open up new opportunities for us,” said Vytautas Zinkevičiaus, Fima’s Development Director.

The MAZ automobile plant, which was opened nearly 70 years ago, is one of the largest in Belarus and employs about 25,000 people. The plant is currently being modernised with the latest technology. Until now, the operators have had to rely upon analogue cameras with no single system providing centralised video surveillance.

A new IP-based video surveillance system comprising of nearly 400 cameras and two surveillance centres will be installed at the plant and its divisions. The contract with Fima covers the first stage of the installation which will also include the video surveillance centre and a special video wall at the plant.

The network of cameras will allow real-time monitoring of movement within the plant and along its perimeter as well as monitoring of the plant’s production line. As part of the contract, Fima will install software to control the system and provide ongoing maintenance.

Fima, a leader in electronic engineering solutions in Lithuania, entered the Belarusian market after establishing a subsidiary, Fima BR, in 2010. During its three years of operation, Fima BR has implemented a number of projects of varying size and scope including the reconstruction of a data centre for the mobile operator, MTS, installing a video surveillance system at TNK BP’s filling stations and oil depots as well as modernising transport infrastructure and other projects.