Fima offers greater speed and precision with baggage screening

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Fima is now supplying the latest generation of automatic airport baggage screening technology from its partner, Morpho, the global leader in security systems. These cutting-edge solutions increase speed and efficiency when screening large amounts of baggage, guaranteeing better security for airports and passengers.

Morpho’s EDS (Explosive Detection System) is already in use at many international airports. When it is integrated with the airport’s unified baggage management system, EDS provides more precise detection of explosives, narcotics, weapons and other prohibited items.

EDS also speeds up the baggage screening process and can screen as many as 1,080 items of luggage each hour – a huge increase over older systems. When prohibited items are detected, EDS generates automatic reports allowing the system to run without a full-time operator.

XRD (X-Ray Diffraction) explosives detection system offers an even higher level of security. Used for additional screening of baggage that has been identified as suspicious by EDS, XRD can analyse liquids, identify substances according to molecular structure and distinguish explosives and narcotics from non-hazardous substances. When it is integrated with the airport’s baggage screening system it works automatically without the need for full-time operator.