Fima installs state-of-the-art staff security system at psychiatric hospital in Lithuanian

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Fima, the leading intelligent engineering solutions provider, has installed an indoor positioning and communication system at Rokiškis Psychiatric Hospital that will help guarantee the safety of the hospital’s staff. The system allows staff working with patients at the hospital to summon help by pushing a watch-sized button worn on the wrist.

“When the button is pushed, a wireless signal is sent to the nearest receiver and an alert indicating the exact position of the person needing help is displayed instantaneously on a screen,” said Sergejus Bulach, Fima’s director for the Šiauliai region who oversaw the system’s implementation.

The hospital’s director, Algimantas Liausėdas, said the system installed by Fima will plug the gaps left by other measures that have been implemented at the hospital but which have not been sufficient to guarantee the safety of staff. “Until now, the hospital has used fixed call buttons installed in some rooms only. Now, no matter where a worker is, be it in an office, ward or any other room, he or she will be able to summon help at any time,” said Mr Liausėdas.

Mr Bulach said that the system is a new concept in Lithuania and that the Rokiškis Psychiatric Hospital is the first institution of its kind to select the solution for the security of staff. He added that what marks the system out is that it precisely locates an individual within a building where GPS is not operational.

Indoor positioning and communication solutions are still in the phase of development globally and, according to specialists at Fima, the technology has a large number of potential applications. Given that the system provides the exact location of a worker when immediate help is needed, it is particularly suitable for companies that operate in large buildings or across several blocks and for those whose staff work on sensitive sites. It can be tailor-made to a client’s needs, for example in hospitals, elderly care homes or for clients with disabilities who need to be able to summon immediate help.