Fima Completed Data Centre Installation Project in Latvia

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Engineering solutions company Fima has finished installing a data centre for the Latvian National Radio and Television Centre (LNRTC). The completion of this project has further strengthened Fima’s position in Latvia’s market.

The new data centre is one of the most advanced in the country, which gives LNRTC a keen edge in the market. “It is very important for us to be able to offer our clients a service that is as safe and useful as possible. It is hard to entrust information, a particularly sensitive resource, to anyone else, and hence we need to accept this challenge and guarantee quality at our end. Our data centre has the highest level of safety, coupled with certain economic benefits – modern technology has allowed us to reduce the levels of power consumption,” said Janis Bokta, the chairman of the LNRTC board.

Thanks to redundant power supply and server cooling systems, the new data centre guarantees uninterrupted operation of information systems for 99.9% of their uptime. On top of that, the new cooling system uses much less power than conventional solutions: for a substantial part of the year, it can use the cool air from the outside, which lowers the temperature of the server coolant. The special data centre infrastructure management system monitors, in real time, the status of the data centre infrastructure and automatically operates the support systems; helps to plan and carry out adjustments; and monitors and helps to optimise the levels of energy usage.

The data centre has been outfitted with other engineering systems as well, including a security alarm system, an access control system, a video surveillance system, and a gas-based fire extinguishing system. A special safe room has been equipped to protect the information systems from the direct impact of fire and water.

The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating in the new data centre is 1.39. The closer the PUE rating is to 1, the higher the efficiency of the entire data centre. Many older centres have PUE ratings as high as 3.

In addition to the above LNRTC data centre project, Fima is currently deploying engineering systems on the Skriveri–Krustpils railway section in Latvia and has recently completed the modernisation of data centre systems for the Belarusian mobile operator MTS.