Baltic Data Center Gets Most Reliable Cooling System in Lithuania

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Baltic Data Center, the leading data centre and information system management company in the Baltic States, has upgraded one of the seven data centres operated by the company. In the data centre, intelligent engineering solutions company Fima installed the APC In-Row water-cooling system of the highest reliability level.

“The upgraded data centre will have a combination of two key advantages – a high level of reliability and efficient usage of power. This will allow us to offer to our clients the possibility of transferring the systems that they have so far been operating on their own in-house servers and storing them here safely and at a lower cost,” said Saulius Markūnas, Director-General of Baltic Data Center.

The data centre has a redundant data network, sources of uninterrupted power supply and power generators as well as fire safety systems.

The cooling system that has been installed at the upgraded data centre uses much less power than conventional solutions and, for a substantial part of the year, uses air from outside to maintain the low temperature of the water that cools the servers. This particular data centre will bring in savings of roughly 525,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, the equivalent of the electricity consumed by 100 or so families in their homes.

“The cooling system is one of the crucial systems of a data centre. Within the scope of this project, we have raised the availability of the cooling system from Tier 2 to Tier 4, which is the highest level of availability under the globally applied data centre reliability classification. This means that any unexpected breakdowns as well as scheduled maintenance will not interrupt the cooling system, as it comes with backup cooling facilities. Redundancy of the system ensures uninterrupted running for as much as 99.995% of its total uptime,” said Valdas Vrubliauskas, Director of Fima’s Automation and Data Transfer Solutions Department, while describing the features of the new system.

Some video footage of the upgraded data centre is available here