Advanced vehicle and people detection helps guard Lithuania’s border

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FIMA has supplied an advanced system to detect people and vehicles that significantly reinforces the protection along the Lithuanian border. The system, which is made up of 160 portable seismic motion sensors, was delivered to the Lithuanian State Border Guard Service under the Ministry of the Interior in June. It is a valuable addition to existing border controls and strengthens the border with Russia and Belarus, allowing the border service to use its forces more effectively.

The sensors will be deployed in areas deemed to be at the highest risk of violation and where other monitoring technologies are either not in place or insufficient. The equipment detects border violations by picking up the vibrations a moving object causes along the soil surface. Once a potential violation is detected, the system automatically reports the breach to a border post.

Portable sensor systems are one of the most effective ways to guard borders. Using advanced and cost-efficient technologies, these systems help to streamline and automate border protection.

As part of the seismic motion sensor supply project, FIMA is providing a full warranty service and training for border staff.

The project has been financed under the 2010 round of the EU External Borders Fund. Lithuania’s border with Russia and Belarus is one of the EU’s external borders.