Strengthening of the Border Control at the Lithuanian – Russian Border is Being Continued

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Modernisation of the security system of one more border section has been started at the Lithuanian – Russian border. An integrated border surveillance system will be implemented in the section serviced by the Plaškiai Frontier Post of the Pagėgiai Frontier District of the State Border Guard Service (SBGS); the frontier post will be equipped with a surveillance centre including customised software. The works will be performed by FIMA, a leader in intelligent engineering solutions, which signed a contract with the SBGS last week. Strengthening the external EU borders has been provided for in the Schengen Agreement.

State-of-the-art hardware and software, developed and adapted to the Lithuanian border conditions by FIMA‘s specialists, will be deployed within a 25 km section.  Seven new observation towers will be constructed and two 25-metre towers will be reconstructed in the border area; the towers will be equipped with video cameras, thermal imaging cameras and radars. In addition, sensors enabling the identification of humans, vehicles or other movements will be used. A new surveillance centre will receive information from the equipment via data transmission channels.

FIMA has already completed over ten projects in the border control area. However, this project is not an ordinary one as the works must be carried out according to environmental regulations: the area concerned falls within the Nemunas Delta Regional Park. The company maintains close co-operation with the Park Authority so that disturbance to nature is minimised in this protected area. Following recommendations by the Authority‘s specialists, during the months of intense bird migration some tower construction and equipment installation works will be suspended. Transportation will take place only on specifically designated routes, and the towers will be lit during darkness in order to protect migrating birds.

It is anticipated that by the end of June 2011 the majority of the work will be finished and completion of the project is planned for September this year.

Reorganisation of the state border sections in the Plaškiai Frontier Post is FIMA‘S third project of a similar type and scope. In 2006, the company carried out works along a 60 km section of the Bardinai and Triboniai Frontier Posts that control the Russian and Belarusian borders, and in 2010 carried out similar works along a 30 km section of the Viešvilė Frontier Post guarding the Russian border.