FIMA to open subsidiary company in Poland

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This autumn, FIMA, an engineering solutions company, is opening its subsidiary FIMA POLSKA in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, as part of its regional development programme. In Poland, FIMA will focus on infrastructure projects related to communications solutions, development of broadband Internet, implementation of data centres, and solutions for the transport sector.

“The analysis of competitive environment in Poland has made it clear that the integrated nature of our services and a diversified package of technological solutions offered by our company is probably our greatest advantage in the neighbouring market. In addition, having twenty years’ experience in Lithuania, we can certainly compete with local companies which are normally oriented to a much narrower range of solutions”, says Vytautas Zinkevičius, Business Development Director at FIMA.

According to him, Poland is about ten times larger than Lithuania in many respects: population, territory, length of railway lines, etc. Furthermore, Poland has strong regional centres, which results in a wide distribution of infrastructure projects. “Poland’s market is very attractive due to its size; in addition, a number of major infrastructure modernisation projects are currently underway in Poland. Thus, it is natural that we seek to use our experience in the neighbouring market as part of our regional development strategy”, says Vytautas Zinkevičius.

According to him, FIMA will seek collaboration with strong local technology companies in order to offer a full service package to clients. The newly formed company will employ Polish specialists who will work relying on the experience gained by their Lithuanian colleagues.