FIMA service exports increased up to 41 per cent

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Fima, the intelligent engineering solutions company, closed the year 2010 with a larger portfolio of agreements underwritten with foreign entities; their share in the total portfolio of agreements signed last year standing at 41 per cent.

Fima has been operating successfully on the Belarusian market for one year now and it has been its fifth year on the Latvian market. In the latter country last year the company in consortium with several other enterprises was awarded the contract to carry out a large-scale railways project. In Latvia the specialists of Fima will be installing traffic control, telecommunications and power supply systems on a new railway section.

Fima is currently actively involved in surveying the potential of the railway markets of other neighbouring countries as well.

“Our goal is to double out export volumes over the next five years. Obviously, the markets that surround us are quite unique and therefore we have to adopt a different model in each individual case: if one type of activities brings success in Belarus, Latvia might call for a totally different set of actions,” Vytautas Zinkevičius, Fima Business Development director has said.

The list of projects implemented by the company on the neighbouring markets during this year features the deployment of the access control system at MAZ plant and its departments in Minsk, the reconstruction of the data centre at Riga municipality information technology centre, the installation of the security system at Ventspils 2 railway station in Latvia, the sound and fire alarm system at Riga industrial park, etc.