FIMA is Promoting Initiatives by Students of Technology

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FIMA, a leader in intelligent engineering solutions, is promoting creativity and innovation. As students represent a source of innovative solutions, the company supports the activities and initiatives of the technology students’ organisations. Thus for a second year FIMA has been collaborating with BEST (Board of European Students of Technology), an international students’ organisation.

BEST consists of 89 local student groups spread across the world. Members of the groups organise various events, competitions and training that are free for students of technology.

For a second year FIMA has been participating in the BEST Solutions competition organised by BEST Kaunas at which students of technology resolve specific business and engineering tasks. This spring the company was an active participant in Stage 2 of BEST Solutions – BaBEC (Baltic BEST Engineering Competition) held in Lithuania for the first time. This was a competition between students from the Baltic Sea Region and Russia, involving teams from four countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia) – winners of Stage 1 of the competition. Two teams from Latvia that won the competition will compete further in the next phase in Istanbul, where student teams from all over Europe will meet.

At the BEST Solutions engineering competition, students receive different theoretical and practical tasks: the participants can be asked to develop a new product, an idea for an advertisement, or a technology solution. FIMA’s representatives check the students’ inventiveness by assigning practical tasks, e. g.  to propose how to ensure and improve the dissemination of knowledge in an organisation; to design a speed meter using given materials; to design and engineer a LED street lighting system, a traffic flow meter or another transport analysis tool.

Such events promote students’ creativity and innovation and help FIMA to identify new talents to join the company.