FIMA is Expanding One of the Most Ecological Data Centres in Europe

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FIMA, a company offering intelligent engineering solutions, is expanding a data centre owned by Baltic Data Center by implementing KyotoCooling, an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective server cooling technology. This is a state-of-the-art solution enabling the data centre in Vilnius to reduce its electricity consumption for server cooling by up to 8 times compared with conventional data centres.

The efficiency of this technology has already been proved: in the second half-year of 2010, KyotoCooling introduced by FIMA enabled Baltic Data Center to reduce electricity consumption at this data centre by 750,000 kWh. By employing this technology, the company also contributes to the European Union’s objective to cut power consumption at data centres 20% by 2020.

KyotoCooling technology is unique due to the use of 'free' outside air to cool the servers. Cool air is fed by fans into a heat exchanger, which cools down, at the same time lowering the server room temperature. This method enables Baltic Data Center to reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by more than 700 tons per year compared with a conventional data centre of the same size.

Baltic Data Center is the third company in the world at which this cost-saving solution was implemented. The popularity of KyotoCooling is growing and at present 25 KyotoCooling units are used in data centres around the world. FIMA expects that more companies that are not indifferent to ecological solutions will follow Baltic Data Center’s example in the Baltic States.