FIMA is contributing to the modernisation of streets in small towns

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Rapid modernisation of roads does not leave smaller Lithuanian towns aside – FIMA, an intelligent engineering solutions company, has started reconstruction of one of the main streets of Pakruojis. Modern traffic control systems will be installed there – similar to the ones deployed in the cities of Lithuania.

The street reconstruction project includes laying a new covering of the carriageway and new pavements, modernisation of the traffic light equipment, renovation of driveway covering, installation of curbs, erection of road signs, marking of the covering etc.

FIMA will modernise the traffic light equipment and program the system control in such a way that the street intersection would be controlled according to the algorithm set by the Pakruojis District Council. These works will involve the installation of equipment supplied by PEEK TRAFFIC, a manufacturer of intelligent transport solutions; FIMA has already used such equipment in the modernisation of one of the intersections in Kaunas, the second largest city of Lithuania.

According to Piotras Bakanovas, Director of VĮ Šiaulių Regiono Keliai, which is the general contractor in the project, it is expected that the reconstruction of the street will lead to improvement of both traffic safety and local transport conditions: driving times will be shorter, operating costs will be cut, and vehicle noise and emissions will be reduced.

The street reconstruction works are planned to be completed this year. In addition, modernisation works are carried out in other smaller towns, e.g., it is projected that reconstruction of an important street intersection in Telšiai will be completed this summer. FIMA is deploying modern traffic control solutions in that project as well.