Modern technologies for security of Kaunas railway tunnel

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The only operational railway tunnel in Lithuania that meets trains near Kaunas will have its security boosted through the contemporary measures. Electronic safety systems for the historical tunnel will be designed and installed by the engineering solutions company Fima.

“The scheduled works will take roughly two months, however we assure that this shall have no effect on train traffic via the tunnel, the passengers will not feel any inconvenience and will be able to reach their destinations by usual train routes,” Algis Palionis, press officer of Lietuvos Geležinkeliai AB has said.

In his words, Kaunas tunnel is an important national strategic object and must therefore have top security arrangements in place to protect the building from possible terrorist or other attacks. It is listed as a protected object by the Cultural heritage protection Department and hence should be safeguarded against vandalism. Finally, security measures are required to provide safety for people as well because anyone caught within the tunnel is exposed to the risk of getting injured by passing trains.

Currently Kaunas tunnel is continuously guarded by military personnel of the Public Security Service. The new technology will contribute to the efficiency of their.

By the end of October this year Fima will install video cameras at the access areas to the tunnel, some of which will be operated remotely. The security system for the tunnel access perimeter will be installed too to “notify” about any incidents of the territory trespassing.

Images from the cameras will be transmitted to monitors in a special security station where they will be watched and reacted to, if necessary, by the armed troops of the Public Security Service under the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Lithuania.

Fima was also involved in the project to reconstruct Kaunas tunnel that was finalised last year. The company deployed engineering solutions to guarantee maximum safety of the building and the people working in it by installing the new traffic control system, fire detection and extinguishing systems, the ground water level monitoring, the security and communications systems, the gate with trains dimension identification function.