Lithuanian Railways’ state-of-the-art data centre allow expansion of services to foreign markets

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Today Lithuanian Railways, the State company of national strategic importance, presented the state of the art data centre.

The engineering solutions, used by the implementing company Fima, have never been applied in the Baltic countries before, thus making the data centre to comply with the highest requirements of reliability and benefit from power saving equipment.

The new data centre will ensure smooth operations of Lithuanian Railways as well as higher capacity for orders from foreign markets.

"The use of advanced technologies is necessary for the transport sector of our country to comply with the standards of the European Union and to attract foreign investments", - commented Stasys Dailydka, the Managing director of Lithuanian Railways. "There are operations and finance management systems of the company in the data centre stored. In addition, the information is processed and stored of cargo trains length, weight, type of cargo and other data critical for the traffic control. With the powerful data centre we are technologically ready to accept more cargo from foreign markets, thus extending business to the Eastern, Northern and Western regions."

The Managing director of Lithuanian Railways pointed out that the old data centre was no longer meeting their functions modernization needs. The growing number of supported systems and their significance for the operations in the company was technically restricted by the existing data centre to expand and modernize and it started interfering with the development of information and control systems and their reliable operations. S.Dailydka was saying that it is very important that new data centre is reliable, ensure safety of the information and secure the company against negative consequences in case of systems fault. In addition, the effective energy use will reduce IT operational costs.

"The data centre of Lithuanian Railways is one the most advanced of such type projects implemented in the Baltic countries in regards to the technologies. It is a pleasure that Lithuanian Railways managed infrastructure is nationally important it is an example of the innovative technologies implementation to other companies and state institutions", - said Gintaras Juknevičius, General Manager of Fima UAB.

While installing Lithuanian Railways data centre, several solutions were deployed first time in the Baltic countries. One of such solutions is the uninterrupted power supply system that features the highest reliability and capacity in the Baltics. "First time in Lithuania two backup power supply units - the diesel generators with kinetic energy storage (flywheel), were installed. Upon interruption of the main power supply the generators may support the operations of the data centre for 20 hours, without the fuel refill", - pointed out Valdas Vrubliauskas the Director of the Automation and Data Transmission Solution department of Fima.

In addition to the state of the art digital security system, the data centre is also secured by the largest capsule of Lampertz – the chamber with external walls resistant to the flame of 1000 C for 2 hours that protects the centre against explosion, water and burglary.

Besides, the data centre is also equipped with server cooling system using the outside air temperature which allows to cut down 30 percent of the energy consumption in average per year, compared to the conventional cooling systems.

Lithuanian Railways retains the data centre of the old generation as well. Upon installation of the new one now it has the role of the backup centre.