Fimasales.com providing an electronic system component online store

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FIMA Distribution Centre of the engineering solutions company has launched a new electronic store at www.fimasales.com. It offers an extremely wide range of components for different systems, from security, computer networks, automation and similar up to household applications.

“Currently a lot of businesses are moving over to e-space and our area of activities is no exception. Since both the pool of our clients and the range of our products is large, we wanted to design a convenient system to present and sell the merchandise,” says Ramūnas Mankevičius, the director of FIMA Distribution Centre.

R. Mankevičiaus claims FIMA Distribution Centre guarantee that 95 per cent of all items showcased on the website are available in large quantities in the Distribution Centre’s stocks. So, upon placing a specific order the customer does not have to wait for us to order everything from the manufacturer.

FIMA Distribution Centre can deliver goods to any country around the globe. It can offer cheap transportation directly to the customer‘s door. Also, for cargo deliveries outside the EU assistance with clearing customs is provided.

“Our specialists are constantly tracking new technological developments around the world and therefore we are in the position to offer the most advanced products to our clients. We represent established brands like Bosch, Sanyo, DSC, Paradox, HP, Cisco, Samsung, Tamron, Commscope. We also offer after-sales and post-warranty repair of our equipment,” R. Mankevičius says.

About FIMA Distribution Centre

FIMA Distribution Centre is a division of the engineering solutions company FIMA, which is controlled by US equity. FIMA is a leading system integrator in Lithuania and is currently pursuing active expansion in Latvia and Belarus. The experience and engineering competences it has accumulated since its inception in 1992 allow the company to offer products that have been carefully selected, and extend professional consultations. The company has over 300 employees, and its annual sales top EUR 30 million.