Fima to offer new possibilities for regional operators in RAIN -2 project

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Designed to facilitate the development of an information society in Lithuania, the RAIN-2 project has entered into a significant phase. The Transport and Communication Ministry of the Republic of Lithuania, which is in charge of implementing the project, together with its partner Plačiajuostis Internetas VšĮ have signed a contract with the intelligent engineering solutions company Fima for supplying broadband communication access facilities to rural areas.

“We find this stage very important as it will expand the possibilities for operators to use the RAIN network when it comes to providing broadband communication services. In particular, this will be very relevant for regional operators who will be given the possibility to use broadband Internet data transmission services,” Technology and Development Manager of Plačiajuostis Internetas VšĮ Gytis Liaugminas has said.

For Internet signal to travel via optic cables in rural areas, on its branches and line-ends Fima will install network facilities from the US partner Extreme Network, which are defined by a top level of reliability.

Eugenijus Kurtinaitis, the Director of Fima Telecommunications Department, emphasizes that involvement in the RAIN-2 project has significant social implications for the company. “We have implemented many complex integrated projects in the objects of national significance. We find it important that we can apply our expertise and experience for the benefit of progress in Lithuania,” he said.

According to the contract the facilities will be deployed in rural areas of the country over the next two years.

The project is financed with funds of the European Union and the Republic of Lithuania.