Fima to assist modernisation of MAZ plant in Belarus

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Fima subsidiary in Belarus has won the tender to design and install the access control system for MAZ plant and its divisions. The engineering technology specialists are planning to implement the project by October, which is an exceptionally short period of time.

“Based in Minsk, the gigantic MAZ plant has been in business for seven decades already. To be able to manufacture the competitive products for today market, the plant management is investing into quality and is applying new technology. The access control system that we will be installed is yet another step towards the modernising of the plant,” Vytautas Zinkevičius, development director of the company Fima said.

In his words, the system will be installed in the plant itself, at its two branches and two subsidiaries. All divisions employ around 25,000 people and hence the scope of the access control system will be very large indeed.

Deployed by Fima BR, the system will consist of 5 access control points, 28 automated turnstiles and access card readers. The new system will also integrate the stationary metal detectors that are already in place across the plant and its divisions. Moreover, the company will install servers and the software required to compile the database on employees, keep tabs on and administrate their working hours. After the project will have been implemented, Fima BR will be in charge of maintaining the new system.

Fima established its Belarusian subsidiary, Fima BR, in February 2010. The company is participating in Belarusian tenders that require experience in deploying integrated engineering solutions.