US Capital Company Fima Discusses Business Opportunities at US Embassy

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The US embassy welcomed the representatives of the American investment fund MVC Capital and the intelligent engineering solutions company FIMA which is controlled by the MVC Capital. The participants discussed the business situation in Lithuania, investment of American capital and prospects for their development.

“Lithuania is an important political partner of the United States and an attractive Baltic country in terms of the economy. Therefore, American investors have mostly favorable views of the country.  Of course, current global financial problems have made the business situation more difficult in Lithuania as well, but the willingness of the government to improve business environment and strengthen legal and tax framework is an encouraging sign,” says Daniel Gage, head of the Economic Section of the US Embassy in Lithuania.

Daniel Gage noted that the US capital had been flowing to Lithuania strongly in the last two decades. After the restoration of independence, major American companies such as Philip Morris Baltic, Kraft Foods Lietuva, Coca-Cola Company, IBM, Microsoft, etc. have invested here. According to him, Fima, the leading provider of intelligent engineering solutions in Lithuania, is one of the examples how the American capital can be successfully integrated in the existing Lithuanian company.

Chris Sullivan, representative of New York-listed MVC Capital, said that last fall's investment in Lithuania-based Fima was triggered by the fact that the company was a leading provider of intelligent engineering solutions in Lithuania able to grow and hold a high position abroad. “The company has highly skilled staff and has implemented a number of complex engineering projects both in the private and public sectors. We believe that the company has the ability to become the leading pan-Baltic provider of intelligent engineering solutions,” representative of MVC Capital said.

MVC Capital invested a total of $28.1 million into the stock of Fima. At the meeting held at the US Embassy, Fima CEO Gintaras Juknevičius said that investments of the American company helped ensure the continuity of ongoing and planned projects, reinforce the confidence of customers and partners in the company during this economic crisis. Fima is about to complete the installation of a high density data centre for the railway company Lietuvos Geležinkeliai, continues the implementation of a large-scale modernization project for traffic control systems at Railway Corridor IX D and is building by far the largest network of speed cameras on Lithuanian roads.