More saving opportunities for companies by means of modern telecommunications equipment

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A developer of intelligent engineering solutions Fima offers additional saving opportunities to companies that could effectively help to withstand the tests of the economic crisis – apart from choosing the lower network operator rates there is a possibility to modernize the telecommunications equipment and thus reduce the phone conversations costs by 30 percent. To acquire this economically efficient equipment Fima provides the solution that does not require initial investment.

“It is obvious that quite a few companies have recently received the proposal from their network operators to use lower rates in order to reduce costs. However, many companies do not know that the communications costs are influenced not only by the network operator rates but also by the telecommunications equipment that is used, therefore not all the options to cut down the expenses are considered“,- says Eugenijus Kurtinaitis, the Head of Telecommunications Solutions Department at Fima. According to him, the economic slowdown forces the companies to maximally reduce the expenses, hold back the investments and postpone the modernization of the telecommunications equipment. However, namely the advanced features of the telecommunications equipment help to reduce the expenses more significantly and ensure the business vitality in the long run.

The expert says that the unique operation of highly qualitative and innovative private telephone exchanges (PBX) ensures lower costs as they are connected to all network operators and automatically select the cheapest call option. For example, Fima offers PBX provided by the global leader in corporate communication solutions Avaya that is connected to different operators (fixed, mobile, alternative). Considering the phone number, time of the day and selected account priority this allows to divert the outgoing calls to the lowest rate network. According to preliminary assessment such telecommunications equipment helps to half the costs for the phone calls in Lithuania, whereas international calls could be 8 times cheaper. The experts have determined that it takes 1-1.5 year to make the return on investment.

In the period of economic crisis few companies can afford modernization of their business, therefore Fima offers the financial instrument for obtaining the telecommunications equipment – the company’s partner, IT asset and financial management company 3 STEP IT, provides the opportunity to lease the equipment which does not require any initial investments.