Fima's Partnership with US-Capital Company Promising on Poland’s Market

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Fima, provider of intelligent engineering solutions in Lithuania and operated mainly by the US capital, has started cooperation with another US-capital enterprise Crowley Data Poland. From now on, the two partners will jointly participate in complex engineering projects in Poland, thus reinforcing the potential of their activities on the country’s market.

“We are two American-capital companies operating in neighbouring countries, therefore, agreeing on cooperation was not difficult at all. Both companies are able to see benefits of the partnership – we have different experience in engineering solutions and will be able to give each other added value by participating in tenders of businesses and state institutions that require complex engineering solutions,” says Fima’s Managing Director Gintaras Juknevičius. In his words, partnership with Crowley Data Poland provides Fima with good perspectives on the vast market in Poland, which has retained the GDP growth regardless of the slow-down during the economic crisis.

Crowley Data Poland operated by the American enterprise The Crowley Group has been working on Poland’s engineering solutions market for a number of years and has reached annual turnover of 100 million zlotys. The company has strong grounds in the market section eyed by Fima – orders from the state sector. Regardless of the substantial experience of Fima’s partner-company in participating in tenders in Poland, its operations are focused on telecommunications services, said G. Juknevičius. Therefore, if tenders require security, automation or other types of solutions in addition to telecommunications solutions, they will be provided by Fima.

Cooperation with Crowley Data Poland contributes to the efforts of Fima, which mainly has operations in Lithuania, to actively work abroad, as encouraged by new shareholders that came to the company in autumn 2008, namely, US business development group MVC Capital listed on the New York stock exchange.