FIMA has Finished the Installation of the Childline Technological Solutions

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Implementing the Childline project initiated by the State Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour FIMA has finished the installation of the technological solutions developed for creation of the contact centre. The freephone helpline 11 61 11, which in September will be opened in the whole territory of Lithuania, is a preventive measure for child abuse aiming at strengthening the protection of children’s rights and enhancing the accessibility of the information on the available social services.

Phone number 11 61 11 is common throughout Europe and is used in nine Member States of the European Union. Very soon it could be dialled in another five countries. As early as this autumn every Lithuanian child seeking help will have the possibility to dial number 11 61 11 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. On-call counsellors will pass the children’s issues to the respective social partners, e.g. municipal services responsible for the children’s rights protection, solving problems related to crises and psychological issues, medical centres and other institutions that could provide help to the caller.

“This project is dedicated to children who suffer abuse or have other concerns, therefore it is important to ensure the best possible quality of the telephone line so that children from all over Lithuania could make calls to the help centre without any interference and receive the help needed”, says Eugenijus Kurtinaitis, the Head of Telecommunications Solutions Department at Fima. According to him, the experience that Fima has accumulated during the development of one of the most sophisticated telecommunications solutions for the largest contact centres in Lithuania – Transcom WorldWide Vilnius and Lintel – was of great use while achieving this goal.

During the implementation of the project dedicated for the installation of the helpline for children the most optimal solution was found. To ensure the effective operation of the telephone line Fima has installed the modern contact centre in Vilnius where the equipment provided by Avaya that plays the leading role in the field of contact centres and IP (Internet Protocol) technology was applied. The contact centre has the modular server structure that enables effective management and distribution of calls, therefore they are always answered and every caller receives the required attention.

The contact centre is also featured with the special short voice messages subsystem that is turned on when the operators cannot answer the call or when a child rings not during the line working hours. The system has 200 different voice messages that provide the calling children with the information about the line operating hours, as well as where to seek help when the line is not active.

The contact centre is also featured with the report generation, calls recording and service quality management systems.

Fima will remain responsible for the maintenance of the phone line 11 61 11 in the future as well.