On roads of Lithuania the Speed is Being Registered by 10 New Speed Cameras Installed by FIMA

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From the beginning of December the speed on Lithuanian roads will be registered by 10 new radars. The total number of radars used on country roadways is 22, and by the end of the year Fima – intelligent engineering solutions company that performs the installation of the speed cameras – is going to accomplish the first stage of the project and to install the remaining 45 speed cameras.

“Speed cameras have already been installed on road segments of national importance that show the highest accident rate. They should help to reduce the number of road accidents and ensure that the drivers shall observe safe speed limits”, said Povilas Narbutas, Deputy Head of the Traffic Safety Department of the Lithuanian Road Administration.

“Today 5 stationary speed cameras are installed on country roadways. Other 5 speed cameras are mobile and they are installed in cars that have no police markings. These meters are used to register speed from the standing car through its rear windscreen in order to register the offenders that deliberately exceed the speed limits”, said Rokas Šlekys, Director of Fima’s Solutions Department.

The information about the registered violations from the functioning meters is transferred directly to the Traffic Supervision Service in Vilnius. There the police officers investigate the offences and send out fine receipts to the offenders.

According to the Road Administration speed cameras are very efficient measures to discipline the offenders. “Driving in excess of speed limits appears to be the most frequent cause of road accidents. Due to the installation of the radars the drivers are made to lower the driving speed and it appears to be sufficient for the number of accidents to decrease”, said Povilas Narbutas. According to him, after the installation of radars in certain road segments where the number of traffic accidents was especially high no traffic accidents leading to people’s death or severe injuries have been registered.

The speed cameras installed on the Lithuanian roads are also secured against the vandalism. “All the speed cameras feature electronic security system that responds to the possible vandalism attempts or unauthorised access into the device. The electronic system will immediately pass the signals to the Public Police Protection Office which will promptly arrive at the location”, said the representative of the Fima Rokas Šlekys about the implementation of the solution.

The implementation of the largest ever driving speed cameras installation project in Lithuania was started this autumn and will be finished in the third quarter of 2009. Fima, which is responsible for its implementation, has already established 45 sites for the installation of stationary speed cameras on the roads of the country.

After the implementation of the project there will be 151 stationary and 11 mobile speed cameras installed on road segments of national importance.