HD technology will spread among security video cameras

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Fima, the leader of electronic engineering solutions, forecasts that in 5 years a half of closed-circuit cameras installed in security systems will be high definition digital video cameras. They should significantly reduce a number of cases when accident records provided by security video cameras remain worthless due to their low quality.

“Most of today’s surveillance systems are only pseudo-digital as they convert a signal from digital into analogical and vice versa. As a result, more than 30 per cent of the image quality (resolution) is lost. High resolution megapixel video cameras and IP networks allow seeing and recording the image without losing its quality and, thus, ensure better protection of territories, objects and people”, – says Fima Business Development director Vytautas Zinkevičius.

According to him, only now technologies of video cameras and networks have reached a level when digital systems may be completely developed.

Megapixel video cameras supporting HD technology may have different resolution – from 1.3 to 35 megapixels (Mpx). In terms of information, even a megapixel video camera with the lowest resolution corresponds to four ordinary video cameras.

“The substantial advantage of megapixel video cameras is the possibilities to analyze the recorded image. Thus, for instance, the image recorded by 8-Mpx video camera may be enlarged up to even 24 times without losing resolution and all the details can be seen. Meanwhile, it is not possible to notice any details of the image recorded by a standard video camera – when zooming, the quality of image goes down. The value of megapixel video cameras is revealed when it is necessary to track events in video recordings”, – explained V. Zinkevičius.

Megapixel video cameras not only allow preserving the image quality, but also have other advantages – they are able to capture a broader image, therefore, the security system requires less video cameras to be installed.

“We have installed one megapixel video camera in Klaipėda State Seaport. It retrieves state plate numbers of leaving vehicles. If analogical video cameras had been used in this project, we would have had to install at least five of them”, – compares Fima Business Development director.

In Latvia Fima will install probably the biggest security system in the Baltic States with megapixel closed-circuit television. To ensure the protection of the administrative building of DnB NORD bank which is being built in Riga, 100 video cameras will be installed and the project value will amount to EUR 300,000. The bank’s security system will also have megapixel-panoramic video cameras. The capacity of such video cameras may record as much information as 24 standard closed-circuit television systems.