FIMA wins the Innovations Award from the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania

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Intelligent engineering solutions company FIMA triumphed at the competition organized by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania having presented the unique security system which has been installed on the Būtingė Oil Terminal's SPM Buoy in the Baltic Sea. FIMA has been awarded with the medal For Merits to Business in the category Presentation of the Innovative Product to the Market for that solution.

“It’s a unique solution for security which has no analogues not only in Lithuania, but also probably in the whole Europe. On the Būtingė Oil Terminal’s SPM Buoy which is of the strategic importance to Lithuania we installed the system that until now had been applied in the military industry only" - Gintaras Juknevičius, CEO of FIMA, says.

Until now the SPM Buoy had been guarded only by special vessel, observed by the video camera installed onshore and the radar for safe navigation which was not able to detect small vessels and boats approaching the SPM Buoy.

FIMA experts installed the positionable surveillance camera and night vision devices, i.e. the thermovisors which allow very clear 360-degree surveillance even at night, on the Terminal’s Buoy. For the first time in Lithuania these thermovisors were applied for security of not a military object.

Also, it’s probably the first time in Lithuania when solution for electric power generation on the marine buoy was created and implemented, i.e. all security equipment use the power generated by wind and sun: in case the sun is not sufficient, security system receives the electric power from the wind generator; and in case the wind and sun is not sufficient, the system is supplied with the power from a big battery block.

“It’s one of the most interesting projects we have ever implemented. The buoy is located more than 7 kilometres offshore; therefore we needed 3 hours every day in order to get to it and also we had to adapt to strong winds and swell. Tankers were constantly accommodated at the buoy; therefore we planned our time very carefully in order not to duplicate our jobs” – Mr Juknevičius told.

Security system of the Būtingė SPM Buoy is not the first modern project implemented by FIMA in Lithuania. During 16 year of operation the company has created a lot of security solutions which were the first in Lithuania.

The latest exceptional projects implemented by the company: security solutions at the Lithuania’s state border sections with Belarus and Kaliningrad region, security systems at state border checkpoints, networks of public surveillance cameras in Vilnius and Klaipėda. Also, FIMA has recently implemented security solutions that increased the control of trains going in transit from Russia to Kaliningrad region and back.