FIMA Solution Will Save the Time of Shopping Centre Customers

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Vilnius City dwellers and guests who will be coming to a modern leisure and shopping centre Panorama by car will save their time when parking in an underground parking lot. Such a possibility will be provided by modern parking guidance system developed by Lithuanian provider of intelligent engineering solutions Fima, the company that cooperates with a world leading Swiss company of parking lot solutions Schick Electronic.

“In order to take care of convenience of customers we install the cutting-edge solutions in Panorama. It is extremely important that the new system will help save time when looking for a free space for your car, a sensor system will show the way to the free spaces,” Raimondas Bureika Panorama’s director said. According to him convenience of customers has been taken care of with the installation of internal infrastructure: people who come to the leisure and shopping centre Panorama by car will be able to use lifts and escalators.

“It will be the first and the only car parking lot of exclusive precision and quality to date in the Baltic States. It will show the real time situation in a parking lot and give extremely accurate information as every parking space will be checked twice a second. We are happy that the latest parking guidance system has been adapted in Panorama – I have no doubts that it will become the most popular meeting point, and effective car management will be of utmost importance,” admitted Vytautas Zinkevičius Fima’s Development Director.

According to him, equivalent solutions are being used in airports, shopping centres, banks and other objects worldwide. It has been estimated that the present system allows drivers to cut the parking time by 20%, therefore resulting in reducing emissions.

The system which is being installed in Panorama consists of sensors and LED lights that are mounted above each of more than 1500 parking spaces and indicate whether a space is free as well as information displays showing the number of free parking spaces in a row and software which analyses traffic flows twice a second. The system was developed and patented by a world leading Swiss company of parking lot solutions Schick Electronic.

In order to ensure favourable conditions in the largest underground parking lot in the Baltic States covering the area of 60,000 square meters air conditioning and exhaust gas disposal systems will be installed, and security guards along with video surveillance cameras will take care of the security of your cars.

There will be over 170 shops and service points in leisure and shopping centre Panorama.