Fima offering more technical support services

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Electronic engineering solutions company Fima is expanding the specter of technical support services and will offer maintenance of systems installed by Fima, as well as other companies. Fima forecasts that the volume of work of its technical division will grow 50 percent by 2009.

“Thousands of large modernization projects were implemented in Lithuania over the past few years – in business companies and on the state scale. Among them were also infrastructure EU and NATO projects. Consequently, the need arises for high-skilled maintenance of the systems. We will develop technical support operations as a separate field of the company’s services, which we link big perspectives for the future with,” says Fima’s CEO Gintaras Juknevičius.

Up until now, Fima mainly performed warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the systems it had installed, however, plans to offer its repairs services to all businesses and state organizations.

“Today companies usually service systems of their installation only, so clients have to communicate with scores of individual suppliers. We are among the first ones to offer integrated maintenance services of all electronic engineering systems – we will take full responsibility for maintenance, regardless of whether the systems had been installed by us or other companies,” says Justinas Grigaliūnas, director of the technical support division introducing the new trademark Fima Service Center.

Fima currently services more than 500 customers across Lithuania, and the company’s technical support division has a team of over 80 high-skilled specialists. Last year alone, Fima’s technical support specialists responded to more than 13,000 calls to perform repairs or system maintenance tasks.

Main fields of activities of Fima Service Center include repairs, system maintenance, technical analysis and development of systems already in place. On the market of electronic engineering systems, Fima Service Center features the broadest specter of systems serviced – fire and security alarms, video surveillance, fire extinguishing, building management, telecommunications, cooling, air-conditioning, local TV studio and broadcasting, etc. Upon request,  Fima Service Center also provides emergency technical assistance – the company’s specialists will arrive in any location of Lithuania within 2 hours.