FIMA Installs Video Camera in the Place Most Preferred by Klaipėda Residents

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The website www.saugusmiestas.lt launched on November 17 was of great interest to the residents of Klaipėda. The places that most urgently needed video surveillance cameras were chosen by the votes of the site visitors. The Municipality and the Klaipėda City Police took the voting results into account and decided to install the video surveillance camera at a point that received the largest number of votes. At the beginning of December the engineering solutions company Fima, providing maintenance services for the video surveillance system in Klaipėda, installed the camera in the Minijos street near the Paradox entertainment club.

This camera has already helped to trace the person who has violated the traffic regulations. The offender who had driven into two cars was telling the police officers he only wanted to finish the manoeuvre. However, the record made by the cameras installed at the crossing helped to reveal different facts – the said driver drove into the crossing zone after the yellow traffic light went off. No people were injured during the accident, but the cars were damaged, besides, it caused the slowdown of the traffic.

On the safe city website residents of Klaipėda were also asked to vote in order to learn their opinion about the city surveillance system. 88% of the site visitors said they were happy to have video surveillance cameras installed in Klaipėda.

Partners of the Safe City project want Christmas celebrations to be not only more secure but also more cheerful. Therefore from now on every visitor of the website at www.saugusmiestas.lt will be able to see the Theatre square Christmas tree. In addition to the live broadcast from the Theatre square the records made by the cameras installed in other places of the city are also available in the website, besides, you are still welcome to share your ideas about what places need cameras most.