The Systems of the leading companies will ensure the security of the digital LRT archive

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JSC “Fima” and its partners have finished the installation works of the Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT) Data Centre. This is the first step in replacing the analogous LRT archive with the digital one. Modern installation of the data centre and very precise climate control system are necessary for secure and uninterrupted operation of the expensive digital equipment.

“To ensure the security of the future LRT archive equipment (servers etc.) from various external interferences gas extinguishing, double conditioning, smoke elimination, temperature and humidity observation and other systems were installed inside the data centre,” said Valdas Vrubliauskas, Head of “Fima” Department of Automation and Data Transfer Solutions.

“Fima” installed the LRT Data Centre in cooperation with the company “Baltermos ranga”. Its experts were responsible for the precise climate control system. “Baltermos ranga” installed the system that will ensure equable temperature inside the building and humidity variations of no more than 5 percent. Fire extinguishing systems are necessary to protect the archives from the effects of a fire, whereas steady temperature and humidity control are required for proper functioning of the complex digital system and secure storage of information.

“Such climate control systems are usually installed in money vaults, world-famous art galleries, archives and other objects that require steady parameters,” said Marius Kibildis, Director of “Baltermos ranga”.

The installation of the data centre cost approximately 0.5 million LTL. “Fima” has installed several similar data centres in cooperation with “Baltermos ranga”. The most recent centres were installed in the Ministry of the Interior, which was necessary for Lithuania to join the Schengen Area Information System from 1 September 2007, and Sampo Bank.