The Final Stage of “Lithuanian Railways” Data Network Modernization

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The final stage of modernizing “Lithuanian Railways” data network used for dispatching and telephone calls was launched. Analogous 30-year-old network systems in Pagegiai–Radviliskis–Obeliai section will be replaced by advanced optical digital systems. According to the experts, the new networks will satisfy the needs of railway staff for the next 15-20 years.

The modernization project is worth almost 28 million LTL, 18 million LTL of which were budgeted from the EU funds and the rest 10 million LTL were paid by the “Lithuanian Railways”. The project will be implemented by summer 2009. The works will be performed by the IT solutions company “Belam Riga” and the electronic engineering solutions company “Fima” on the grounds of joint works agreement.

“We will have more reliable communication systems all over Lithuania after the project is finished. In this way the organization of railway traffic will become more efficient, the work of dispatchers and traffic supervisors will be easier, and the number and duration of idle time of the trains will be reduced,” says Kestutis Andriunas, Senior Manager of the Automation, Communications and Power Supply Unit of “Lithuanian Railways”.

Supposedly, the investments to the infrastructure of communications network will facilitate its maintenance. “The modernized equipment will be more reliable, controlled from a single control centre, thus the employees will not be required to go to the place where the failure has occurred,” says Eugenijus Kurtinaitis, Head of  “Fima” Department of Telecommunication Solutions.

According to Eugenijus Kurtinaitis, this project is the last project of such scope in modernizing “Lithuanian Railways” data network. Recently, “Belam Riga” and “Fima” have finished data network modernization in Kaisiadorys-Kybartai section. The works cost approximately 16 million LTL.

All the modern systems of technological communications will be fully combined with the modernized systems in Vilnius-Kaisiadorys-Radviliskis, Kaisiadorys-Kybartai, Kazlu Ruda-Sestokai, Radviliskis-Joniskis, Klaipeda-Pagegiai, Vilnius-Kena-Valciunai sections and the same technologies will be applied.

“Lithuanian Railways” have already spent over 65 million LTL on modernization of telecommunications network. The greater part of the amount, i.e. 43 million LTL, was budgeted from the EU funds.