New Meteorological Equipment at Siauliai Military Aerodrome

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New meteorological equipment will be installed at Siauliai Military Aerodrome by the end of this year. It will be installed by electronic engineering solutions company “Fima” for 1.8 million LTL. This company is the winner of the tender to purchase the above-mentioned equipment announced by the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Although new meteorological devices are mainly designed for military flights, they are expected to be used for civil fights too.

“These newly implemented solutions will make the measurements of actual meteorological conditions especially precise. The actual weather reports necessary for aircraft pilots will also be made promptly,” says Sergejus Bulach, “Fima” Director for Siauliai Region.

During the implementation of the project, the company will install two meteorological fields for measuring air temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind direction and speed. The new equipment will also be able to measure visibility and cloud height, detect thunderstorm and monitor the condition of runway surface.

Central computer for collecting data from the sensors outside will be installed in the air traffic control tower. Workplaces for operators, employees who make actual weather reports and maintenance personnel will also be equipped.

Sergejus Bulach says that the old system will not be disturbed during the installation of the new one. “The works will be performed so that the existing meteorological equipment would not be disturbed and the air traffic is not disrupted,” says Bulach.

The information collected by the advanced equipment at Siauliai Military Aerodrome will be useful not only for the aerodrome itself. The meteorological data will also be used by the Lithuanian Hydro meteorological Service that monitors weather conditions all over Lithuania and makes national weather forecasts.