Last year, revenue of “Fima” increased by 48 per cent

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The revenue of “Fima”, a Lithuanian capital company providing electronic engineering solutions, comprised of 98 million LTL in 2006. In comparison to the total of the year before last, when it totalled 66 million LTL, revenue increased by 48 per cent.

Last year, the company was more successful in sales as well. The volumes grew by 26 per cent – the company signed contracts with customers for 145 million LTL, in comparison to 114 million LTL in 2005.

“Within the 15 years of the company’s operations, I would consider the year 2006 as one of the most successful. We achieved good financial results and have been smoothly expanding our activities – in terms of new trends and geographical coverage”, - said the Director General of “Fima”, Gintaras Juknevičius.

Last year, the company installed an air quality monitoring system for the first time in Lithuania and adapted container management solutions for “Klaipėdos terminalo grupė”. Specialists of “Fima” were the first to perform an in-depth analysis and develop innovative engineering solutions that have market potential in our country – personnel warning and meteorological measurement systems.

In December, “Fima” established a subsidiary in Latvia (SIA “Fima”) and became an international company. In this market, similar to Lithuania‘s, the company will offer analogical services to those in Lithuania to business companies and public sector customers.

According to G. Juknevičius, “Fima” will maintain strategic orientation to development and implementation of complex and high-value projects in Lithuania as well as abroad. Last year, orders exceeding 1 million LTL comprised 75 per cent of the company’s sales portfolio. Among the largest projects that have been won last year and realization of which has already been commenced there are implementation of the centralized traffic management system in Vilnius for 21.7 million LTL and contract for modernization of Kena Frontier Station (third stage of modernization) for 13.5 million LTL. Moreover, the company is engaged in implementation of Ignalina NPP project for protection of used nuclear fuel repository for 12.4 million LTL as well as other projects.

The global leader of communication systems, applied programs, and telephony services, “Avaya” last year, recognized the good performance in sales, and the team of qualified specialists. This American company awarded the Lithuanian company – the only company in the Baltic States - Golden Partner Status.

The number of employees increased in the last year from 278 to 300. A large amount of attention was paid to improvement of their qualification. Moreover, an audit of quality management system was carried out smoothly last year and validity of their ISO 9001:2000 certificate was extended for a second time.