Kruonis power station will become one of the most secure objects

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Fairly simple security measures of Kruonis hydro accumulation power station will be replaced by modern technologies.

Fima, the company that provides electronic engineering solutions won a tender announced by Lietuvos energija and will install perimeter security system in Kruonis hydro accumulation power station (hereinafter referred to as “HAPS”). It will consist of intruder alarm system and physical protection system.

During project implementation the whole territory of HAPS will be surrounded by security measures. It is also intended to install equipment that reacts to illegal attempts to trespass on the territory.

Next project implementation stage is installation of CCTV cameras for the observation of the whole territory. Some cameras will be thermal cameras, i. e. recognizing objects by heat radiation. The advantages of such cameras are great sensitivity and ability to capture the smallest heat source even in the night time and poor visibility conditions. Such thermal cameras are used in Lithuania by State Border Guard Service and Vilnius airport. In order to ensure power station territory protection high-speed video cameras automatically responding to burglar will be installed.

Power station security will be ensured not only by CCTV cameras – Fima will also install electronic access control and alarm system. All systems will be integrated. CCTV records as well as other security systems’ information will be transmitted to control center. The cost of all works will be almost LTL 12 million. Work is due to finish before the end of next year.

“Since project is highly significant and power station is one of the factors of stable electric power supply, the installed systems will ensure high security level round the clock. Not only perimeter, but also water reservoir and surrounding territories will be under observation and control. Our company has experience in installing security systems in objects of strategic importance – we took care of Ignalina nuclear power plant safety systems. According to the length of territory perimeter Kruonis HAPS scope of work is similar to Vilnius airport security systems. In spite of that fact we do understand that these objects have their own peculiarities and require individual solutions" –Giedrius Zaicevas, Head of Fima Security Solutions Department, said.