Innovative engineering solutions in the new terminal of Vilnius International Airport

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The final check of equipment installed by “Fima” company in the terminal of the airport is complete and the systems are ready to serve passengers and ensure safety of the airport.

Systems intended to serve passengers, to provide all information necessary for them and simultaneously ensuring safety of both people and the building are already functioning in the new terminal of Vilnius International Airport, State Enterprise (VIO). “Fima”, company dealing in electronic engineering solutions, has installed systems, majority whereof are necessary for Lithuania when joining the Schengen area, with view to ensure quality work of the terminal. Some have yet no parallels in the country. The company has performed works for over 16 million LTL in the terminal of the airport. It is partially financed by the Schengen program. Yesterday, functioning of systems installed by “Fima” company underwent check in real-life conditions. They were acknowledged to be completely ready for functioning.

“Every work performed in the terminal is very important to us; however there were some works that required exceptional solutions. These include installation of passenger flow control and information systems, intended to help passengers. They also include video surveillance system to be used by employees of VIO aviation security service and officers of the State Boarder Guard Service. This system has been designed and installed with view to meet different needs of both services" said to Giedrius Zaicevas, Head of  “Fima” Security Solutions Department.

So far there was no such passenger flow control system, characteristic to larger airports in Lithuania as is now mounted in the new terminal. Its “job” shall be separating passengers from countries of the Schengen and non-Schengen areas. The system shall also prevent passenger jams and needless waste of time in search of information. Video surveillance, entry control systems, and measures of graphic information (pointers, display panels) have been integrated with view to control passenger flows.

According to Mr. Zaicevas, the above systems help picking passenger movement routes for specific trips. The system, when picking routes necessary for passengers of every trip, shall be automatically able to close unnecessary entrances, to provide relevant information to passengers by way of display panels and information monitors. The terminal has a total of 60 monitors mounted. The new terminal has more than 100 automatically controlled doors and 200 video cameras. It shall ensure constant surveillance of the terminal.

Such technical solutions and integration of systems, both those just installed and those readily available, enables to provide alarm response even more efficiently. “The presence of an outsider, not holding respective permission, in premises out of public use, would be considered alarm by the system, and the individual would be filmed. Where system is activated and circumstantial information on the incident is received, those in charge of security will be able to react to the incident even more dynamically and efficiently”, as Mr. Zaicevas explains by way of example of the system work.

Passenger information system of Vilnius International Airport has already been among largest in Lithuania. Upon expansion thereof and installation of new generation software, the system has become exceptional and has no parallels in the country. New software shall be way more efficient in distributing information on the screens and sorting the same. Plasma screens set up shall display flight times and all the important information related thereto. They will also display information representing Lithuania.

Specialists in charge of security have also commanded considerable attention. Apart from the said video cameras, monitors, and other security measures, there is a video wall with relevant information recorded by video cameras with view to facilitate working of the State Boarder Guard Service officers. It is modern equipment manufactured by “Barco”, company based in Belgium.

Apart from the above systems, specialists at “Fima” have installed systems of security alarm, fire protection, and sound, intended to ensure smooth work of the terminal and its protection. Installation of security systems of new terminal forms the last stage of renewal and expansion of security systems of the entire Vilnius International Airport. The specialists of “Fima” have modernised security system of the old terminal before and installed airport territory protection system. Vilnius International Airport will now have highest degree of security in the Baltic countries. The construction cost of new terminal amounts to almost 100 million Litas; European Union granted 20% of funds necessary for construction and equipment.