“Fima” installs a City Surveillance System in Klaipeda

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“Fima” company of electronic engineering solutions won Klaipeda City Municipality’s tender to provide CCTV system for the city surveillance. A contract has already been signed by the city authorities representatives. System design and installation works will begin soon. In accordance to the contract, it is planned to use the first video surveillance cameras as soon as within the next four months.

A total of 57 CCTV cameras shall be mounted in the main streets and crossings of Klaipeda city. More than 50% of the cameras will be controlled remotely from a video surveillance centre. Police officers will be able to turn cameras and zoom as needed. The remaining cameras will be fixed for observation of selected areas.

The project will also include equipping a modern real-time video surveillance centre with two work stations. The video surveillance centre will hold sufficient number of  monitors enabling simultaneous viewing of video transmitted by all video surveillance cameras. The possibility for police officers to archive viewed film will also be provided. The officers themselves shall determine the storage duration.

The video recording equipment is to be mounted in a designated protected server station; it shall accommodate equipment ensuring continuous and safe functioning of the installation. An entry control system, a modern automatic fire extinguishing system, protective alarm systems and standby supply sources all also contribute to safety. Pursuant to security requirements, it will only be possible to view the recorded view and to save it in another media at a specially designated work station in the archive.

The total cost of the system is 5.5 million Litas; the city will pay the said amount in instalments over 10 years. “Fima” pursuant to the contract, will supply the equipment, mount the equipment and also ensure maintenance of the video surveillance system, around the clock, throughout the term of the contract. The company which will mount and maintain the equipment will also bear the related risk of inflation and increase in salaries. The municipality will bear neither extra cost of power and communication supply, nor repair of equipment.

Klaipeda police are looking forward to the future of video surveillance system. According to representatives of the Police headquarter of the seaport, the system shall be useful to the city as a measure of crime prevention. It is believed that once CCTV system is installed, the criminogenic situation shall improve and city residents and visitors alike shall feel much safer.

“Considering the likeliness of cameras being hit by disorderly conducting persons, they are vandal-proof, and needless to say, water proof. The entire video surveillance system shall be installed 11 months“, says Rokas Šlekys, Manager of Fima’s Solutions Department.
It is the second city surveillance system “Fima” is responsible for. In Vilnius, part of the city has already been under video camera surveillance for four years. There are over 100 cameras used for surveillance of the main areas of Vilnius. Delinquency in the areas observed by the cameras has decreased by up to 40 percent.

“Fima” has also provided video surveillance systems in the border area of Lithuania; this project was carried out pursuant to the Schengen requirements. Company enginerers have mounted video surveillance cameras and other security equipment at the border posts with Russia and Belarus. Totally 400 CCVT cameras have been installed in twelve border posts with standalone observation centres. This project is one of the biggest projects of the type in Lithuania.

“Fima” has also taken care of security systems at Vilnius International Airport; the company has installed an airport territory surveillance system, as well as surveillance of the new passenger terminal, passenger information, fire protection systems, passenger flow control and other security systems. Airport CCTV system will be shared between the airport security service and officers of the State Border Guard.