FIMA has installed the data centre for storing Schengen Information System data

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JSC “Fima” has installed the data centre for storing, processing and keeping the Schengen Information System data. The data centre project was implemented on order of the Ministry of the Interior and cost almost 1.5 million LTL.

The installation of the data centre is one of the stages in implementing the requirements of the Schengen Agreement in order to coordinate the information system of the Lithuanian agencies with the information systems of the EU Schengen area and visas.

The information that will be exchanged among the members of Schengen area will be stored in the newly equipped centre.

The data centre is installed in the reserve service stations’ centre of the Ministry of the Interior and meets all the requirements set for such type of objects. Highest quality security, fire, environment surveillance, ventilation-conditioning and power supply systems were installed in the centre.

“The systems installed by JSC “Fima” will protect the data and all the equipment of the data centre from unforeseen faults of the power network or the external dangers, i.e. heat, water, fire, and ensure physical protection of the data from break-in,” says Valdas Vrubliauskas, Head of JSC “Fima” Department of Automation and Data Transfer.

To ensure continuous operation of the data centre in case of normal power supply disturbances, uninterrupted power supply sources and an autonomous diesel power station were installed.

The data centre of the Ministry of Interior is another project in the long list of data centres installed by JSC “Fima”. This year, the company has already implemented similar projects for power, telecommunication and banking companies. “The number of data centres will grow in the future because the volume of information that needs to be stored is increasing in both public and private sectors. The companies need to store the information longer and set higher security requirements,” says Valdas Vrubliauskas.