“Fima” expands its service and products portfolio

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Electronic engineering solutions company “Fima” is expanding its service area and will offer advanced computer network switching equipment. This will help companies to install more functional computer networks fit for heavier information flows.

The company expanded its service portfolio by signing a contract with the American switching equipment leader “Extreme Networks”. It is one of the creators of standard Ethernet network and is constantly making investments in the development of network solutions of such type.

“All large-scale enterprises in Lithuania and all over the world use standard Ethernet network. Now we can offer them switchboards that will allow companies to use the overall computer network very efficiently: the same network will be used not only for Internet access or e-mail but also telephony, video surveillance, security, access control, building management and other systems,” says Gintaras Juknevicius, Managing Director of “Fima”.

He is expecting that the new partnership will help the company to double its income of sales from active computer network equipment in a year.

The demand for more advanced switching solutions is greater in large-scale companies that set high network security standards and those that have geographically distant branch offices.

“Banks, insurance companies, data centres, companies from railway, energy, medicine and other sectors are setting higher standards for computer networks. They want the existing network to be powerful, fast, stable and able to transmit data securely,” says Eugenijus Kurtinaitis, Head of “Fima” Telecommunication Solutions Department.

“Fima” expert claims that “Extreme Networks” solutions are superior to products offered by competitive companies. The American switchboards are more stable, their software is able to react to noticeable network disturbances and correct proper parameters instantly.

The ‘intelligent’ switchboards can also recognize devices connected to the network. Therefore, the architecture and management of the computer network is easier and more user-friendly.

According to Juknevicius, another reason for choosing “Extreme Networks” as their partner was the optimization of their equipment with “Avaya” products. “Fima” has been working with this company and its subsidiaries over 10 years. Cooperation with both companies will allow “Fima” to offer complex solutions with such characteristics as better compatibility and more stable operation.