Another EU Financed Railway Project Was Completed

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Telecommunications modernization project worth 16.278 million LTL was completed in IX D Kaisiadorys-Kybartai railway section. The project was implemented by the partners of joint works agreement SIA “Belam-Riga” and JSC “Fima” that won the tender and signed the contract with JSC “Lithuanian Railways” in August, 2005.

Altogether 37 km of 48 fibre optical cable was hung on poles and 130 km of 24 fibre optical cable was laid in the ground in Kaisiadorys-Kybartai railway section. The old analogous communication equipment in 14 railway buildings was replaced with the digital one that is more compact and requires less operating personnel. The equipment of enterprise and technological communication systems was also fully replaced.

The entire process of telecommunications modernization project of Lithuanian Railways in IX D section was supervised by the Finnish consortium of engineering companies “Omnitele” Ltd and “JP Epstar” Ltd.

The first EU ISPA financed railway project in the Baltic States was implemented by SIA “Belam-Riga” together with the Irish company “Nortel Networks”, the supplier of the equipment, in 2002-2004. This telecommunications modernization project in IX B railway section cost 22.994 million LTL and was approved by the representatives of ISPA programme.

The consortium of SIA “Belam-Riga” and JSC “Fima” are now implementing telecommunications modernization project in Pagegiai-Obeliai railway section. 312 km of 48 fibre optical cable will be laid, 769 km of copper cable will be used for the connection of all the existing systems. Enterprise and technological telecommunication systems will also be fully replaced.

The implementation of all the above-mentioned projects will make it possible to control all telecommunication systems, railway traffic and power supply systems from the control centre in Vilnius.