UAB “Fima” will ensure security in the territory of Vilnius International Airport

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UAB “Fima”, a leading company in developing electronic engineering solutions, has recently signed a contract with Vilnius International Airport, according to which one of the largest perimeter security projects in Lithuania will be implemented within the territory of this Airport.

UAB “Fima” has already started security system implementation works valued at 5,4 million Litas. By the end of this year the security system for the perimeter controlled territory of 12 km length will be put to full operation. According to Juozas Žėkas, Aviation Security Director of Vilnius International Airport, this project is one more focussed step in the modernisation plan of this Airport. A reliable object perimeter security is one of the undertakings for Lithuania in implementing the requirements of Schengen Acquits.

“The territorial security compliant with the contemporary rules is important not only due to the requirements of Schengen Agreement: it is necessary for ensuring the security of passengers and flights. Besides, this new system will help to observe and control the whole territory of the Airport”, told he.

As Giedrius Zaicevas, UAB “Fima” Security Solutions Department Director, states, this project requires a high competence and responsibility of the staff, since its implementation is being conducted in the operating object of increased control. Therefore many actions have to be coordinated with special services of the Airport in order to ensure its safe and smooth work.

“Vilnius International Airport is operating within the boundaries of the city, that is why more outside factors such as noise, people, etc. occur, which have to be taken into account when installing the system”, said G. Zaicevas.
The perimeter and territory of the Airport will be equipped with sensor cables identifying perimeter violations, video surveillance camera and night vision devices. This system will be integrated into the uniform management centre, in which all the information about perimeter violations will be recorded, compiled and analysed. The installable security solution fully complies with the requirements raised for civil aviation security by the ICAO and the EU.

This project is not the first security solution implemented by UAB “Fima” at Vilnius International Airport. In 2005 this company modernised the terminal video surveillance system, which has already helped special services to detain violators of the security requirements of the Airport, among whom there was a person who was threatening to blow the building of the Airport.