The security of the explosive storehouse is subject to reinforcement

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The explosive storehouse of AB “Detonas” in Kaunas, which is managed by the State, will be subject to modernisation with regard to its security system by implementing new solutions at the value of more than 0,5 million Litas. UAB “Fima”, a leading company in developing electronic engineering solutions in Lithuania, which has won a public tender on the implementation of this project, intends to update AB “Detonas” storehouse security system by the end of 2006.

After the installation of new security solutions, the requirements of which have been approved by the Lithuanian Weaponry Fund and the Lithuanian Police Commissioner General, AB “Detonas” storehouse will become one of the most secure non-military explosive substance storehouses in Europe.

“The object has been qualified for considerably larger requirements if compared with other European countries, but they are indispensable in order to ensure the security of explosive substances”, told Antanas Kerbelys, AB “Detonas” Director.

As Arvydas Rate, UAB “Fima” Director for Kaunas Region, states, one of the most interesting innovations to be installed in the object is video surveillance and security alarm equipment fitted for explosive atmospheres. Measures used in its construction prevent devices from explosion“.

“Perimeter security in such a specific object as an explosive storehouse requires unique solutions, therefore before deciding what technologies to use we had consultations with our foreign partners and experts”, said A. Rate.

Apart from the mentioned solutions, to secure the territory of almost 40 thousand square metres and its buildings from intruders UAB “Fima” will install an up-to-date video surveillance and access control system, build the second fence with electronic security from perimeter violations and equip auxiliary illumination of the territory.

The modernisation of AB “Detonas” storehouse security system is not the first project on safeguarding explosive substances, for which UAB “Fima” had to install security systems subject to especially high requirements. 5 years ago the company implemented high-level security systems in the military object – Giraite Armament Factory.