The main taxi-way of Vilnius airport is being modernized

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The reconstruction works of taxi-way “B”, designed for operative air ships departure from the main departure-landing path, have been started in the International Vilnius Airport (IVA). The company of electronic engineering solutions “Fima” is going to modernize the installed here airfield lighting system, which is about 10 years old, and embed the warning “STOP” lights to the pavement.

According to the press representative of IVA Arunas Marcinkevicius, the increasing airport, which served more than 800 thousand passengers in 7 months this year, is constantly improving its technical level and safety.
“Together with the increase of passengers’ flows we serve more and more air ships. Willing to guarantee the airport services of high quality and to ensure safety for passengers we purposefully make investments in the technologies”, spoke A.Marcinkevicius.

The implementation works of airfield lighting system will cost IVA almost 900 thousand Litas. All new solutions will be integrated to the existing control system of the airport and will be controlled by flights control centre.
According to the director of “Fima” Solutions Department Martynas Pargaliauskas, it will be easier for the dispatchers to control the traffic in the airport, since the pilots will more clearly see the limits of the path and “STOP” signs will inform them about the possibility to go to the departure -landing path,. Till now the dispatchers could report about this only vocally.

To his mind, the being installed airfield lighting system corresponds to all world standards and is even of a higher quality than already operating systems in other European airports. “Fima” has already implemented the systems of a larger volume distinguished for similar characteristics in the auxiliary path of Zokniai airport and now is performing the reconstruction works of the main path.

According to the press representative of IVA, the taxi-way in Vilnius could be used not only for drive-out or drive-in to the departure-landing path, but, if necessary (when significant NATO, ES or other international events take place in Vilnius), it can be used as a parking site for air ships.